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Michael Grappo
President Broker /
I moved from Ohio to Boston’s Fenway neighborhood in 1987 after receiving a scholarship to study jazz guitar performance at Berklee College of Music. After college I sat for my Real Estate license and spent a summer renting apartments to make ends meet. I saw lots of opportunity in real estate. I set out on a new career path while continuing to nurture my passion for music.

Soon after I purchased my first condominium. When I turned 24 I became a landlord after buying my first investment property. I continued to acquire properties and used my expertise in this area to advance from rentals to into sales brokerage. Now 33 years on, I’ve brokered over 1,000 transactions for sellers and buyers, and have purchased over 75 investment properties myself.

I treat every client’s transaction as if it were my own. I have an extremely high standard for the brokerage services I provide. It’s the combination of these two factors that has created success in my business. So much that over 90% of my business is repeat or referred.

There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent real estate professional – integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, effective negotiation skills and a high-quality professional network, all of which are hallmarks of how I work. I understand that putting my clients first will create long-term relationships with them. This means keeping myself accessible, being a good listener as well as a good communicator, responding quickly to clients’ needs and having the skills required to create results, and exceed expectations.

This “client first” philosophy has always been my approach. It requires me to continually improve my skills and ways of doing business. I’ve found that the latest technologies are enabling me to do everything I’ve always done, only much more quickly and efficiently. They’ve also helped me to extend the range of services I provide to my clients. The creation of my own real estate companyM. J. Grappo Realty Associatesis the end-result of my dedication to my profession, and to my clients.

Since my business is almost exclusively referred, my success depends on my clients. Please contact me if you or anyone you know has any questions about buying, selling, managing, investing in, renting, improving or owning real estate. And be sure to refer me to others since your referrals and repeat business are the pillars of my business.


– Michael Grappo

Vice President
After graduating from the University of Arizona with my bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing, I moved from my home state to Boston to pursue my Master of Arts in Publishing at Emerson College.

While attending graduate school, I started working in a local real estate office as a front desk receptionist, and quickly advanced to a property management role as I took more interest in the business. After I graduated and outgrew that position, I began working with Michael at MJ Grappo Realty Associates in 2019. Since then, I have continued to increase my abilities and in turn, my responsibilities.

Between my publishing degree and Michael’s background in jazz guitar performance, our office shows exactly how people who originally studied the arts use those applicable skills in business and other endeavors to great success. So many of my editorial skills transferred smoothly to real estate. Keeping track of manuscripts in the years-long publishing process turned to managing tenancies from initial application to final move out. Finding the correct wording for a short story to portray the author’s intention exactly became writing the language in a lease to be accurate and protect all parties.

My main priorities are the safety of our tenants, and the safety of our management clients’ investments. Few things have a more significant impact on a person’s daily life than where they live, and I strive to ensure that our tenants would recommend renting from our office to any of their loved ones.

The same things that keep our tenants happy—straightforward applications, easy turnovers, prompt maintenance, and quick communication—also help us maintain the integrity of our clients’ investment portfolios. Michael has built a lot of trust with his clients with his approach to business, and I work on the back end to keep those relationships strong.

– Lucy Randazzo

Michael Grappo

President, Broker / Owner with over 3 decades of experience.

896 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215

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